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Jay JanssenOne Name Says It All

Jay Janssen began his career in the 1960s with a focus on product liabilities. Since that time, he has built the Janssen Law Center into one of the most prestigious and well-known law firms in Illinois. Based on integrity, tenacity and a strong desire to defend those who have been injured or mistreated, the Janssen Law Center knows what it takes to stand up to large pharmaceutical, insurance, automotive and Fortune 100 companies, as well as Chicago and big city law firms.


Janssen Law CenterRepresenting Illinois Injury Victims for Over 40 Years

The Janssen Law Center, which is located in the heart of downtown Peoria, handles many types of personal injury cases – to find out more, roll over “Practice Areas” in the menu.




Historical Success Matters to You & the Insurance Companies

When you’re choosing a law firm, the most important factor to consider is the historical success of that firm. That historical success can mean a lot to you – it certainly does to the insurance companies, who are well aware of who’s successful against them and who isn’t. Contact us today for a no-cost review of your case.


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