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Semi-truck Accidents

Semi-trucks make up a large percentage of travelers on the road in Illinois every day. We see them on highways, suburban streets, and rural roads as they reach their destination. Eighteen-wheel semis are incredibly heavy, have multiple blind spots, and are much harder to control than cars. This means any poor driving habits practiced by the truck driver can be magnified by the size of the truck.

That’s why accidents involving semi-trucks are more likely to cause fatalities than other vehicles, given the number of hazards they pose when on the road. Many drivers are nervous driving near them when they are around. Rightfully so. A semi-truck can be transporting loads that weigh thousands of pounds, making any crash a major, catastrophic incident.

At Janssen Law Center, we know how devastating truck accidents can be and we will work tirelessly to help you. We are dedicated to fighting for your rights, so you get the compensation you deserve, and something just as important – your peace of mind after an accident.

When a truck driver or company is negligent, they can cause serious accidents in which injuries are typically much more severe than a passenger car collision.

If you or someone you know was hurt in a semi-truck accident, contact us today.


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In an Accident with a Semi? Put Our Experience to Work for You

All across the United States and in Federal court, we’ve been fighting for victims’ rights against the largest trucking companies in the world for over four decades. When you’re in a serious accidents with a semi, no matter what state you are in at the time, reach our to the legal team at Janssen Law Center to put our powerful experience to work for you. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and making sure you get the compensation you deserve.


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